I Stress, Eustress, We Stress: Exploring the Evidence for EFT’s Effectiveness in Transforming Stress

Empowering EFT’ers Worldwide with the Cutting Edge Relevant Science and Research

photo: participants at the EFTi Symposium in London, 2019

Symposium Summary

Stress has been described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the health epidemic of the 21st century.

EFT International’s 2022 online Symposium brings you up to date with the latest research findings in using EFT for transforming stress. Using EFT to reduce cortisol levels, to prepare for an event, tapping to reduce the effects of stress, tapping to improve health outcomes will all be addressed in this not to be missed event.

Speakers presented live from all over the world, starting in Australia.

The Symposium was recorded and recordings were made available to attendees. Those who missed booking pre-event can now purchase access to the recordings.


Dr. Peta Stapleton

The day begins with Australian Psychologist of the year 2019, Dr Peta Stapleton from Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Peta is the most prolific EFT researcher in the world. She will bring us up to date with her most recent research findings.

Dr. Liz Boath

Our own Professor Liz Boath from Staffordshire University will present on making the case for EFT: Designing, Conducting and Publishing Case Studies.

Liz was unable to join us last year, but we are often asked for support and advice about doing EFT case studies and Liz is the expert in this area.

Dr. Craig Weiner

Craig Weiner is an EFTi Master Trainer of Trainers and a member of the EFTi Research Team. He will introduce you to the Polyvagal Theory. This theory is a huge leap forwards in the understanding of a previously unidentified social engagement system and updates what we have previously known about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses.

Prof. Gagandeep Kaur

Gagandeep Kaur will present live from India on her PhD thesis results. The title of her PhD is: The Effectiveness of Emotional Freedom techniques on Placement Interview Success in Management Students Across New Delhi, India. Gagandeep conducts workshops on Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emotional Well-being in national and private universities of New Delhi.

Karen Ledger

Karen completed a pilot study of EFT for stress and performance anxiety in schools. In this presentation, participants will learn of some of the challenges and benefits of bringing EFT training to teens in the school setting and how to get maximum buy-in, based on student feedback.

Dr Caroline Nairn

Caroline works as a counsellor for the NHS and has a thriving private practice as well. She noticed that she found her therapeutic relationships with the clients she did EFT with was different from her counselling clients. She did a PhD thesis based on this observation, using qualitative techniques, which she’ll explain in her presentation. 

Dr Carol Robertson

Carol is founder of the Psychosensory Academy where she uses many therapeutic modalities to help her clients. She’s an artist first and foremost, but has a passion for keeping up to date with new discoveries about the brain. She has a knack of making complex concepts easier, so she’s going to share with us the neuroscience of stress.

Aga Kehinde

Aga is a Cancer Nurse Specialist, Cancer Educator & Health Empowerment Coach. Aga works across systems (NHS, Judicial) and with corporate clients integrating H&W strategies and advocating for EFT to both providers and service users. She is Deputy Chair of the EFTi Research Team, Funder of ‘’Arukah’’, committee member of British Association for Integrative Oncology UK. Aga will be sharing her experience in introducing EFT as an innovative and useful intervention to public services.   



What participants said about the 2021 Online Symposium:

Great day. Very inspiring, with lots of food for thought, and a few actions to put in place. Many thanks to all the organisers and presenters!

The presentations were without exception excellent and of the highest calibre and I have been a prof for decades and am a conference veteran!!! And you all acted as a great team and Sonia was brilliant at keeping it all going!

A wonderful program, great job of staying on time, good balance of presentation vs questions, all well organised. I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to being in front of my screen for hours, but I was riveted, couldn’t miss a minute, and didn’t even have ZOOM fatigue afterwards. In my opinion, a great online Symposium.

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